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Msgsrv32 Errors


Many people are experiencing problems which they can trace back to Msgsrv32. But Msgsrv32 is not the cause. Some info on Msgsrv32:

Msgsrv32.exe is a program (Windows 32-bit message server) that performs several background functions necessary for Windows operation.

These functions include:

  • Load installable Windows drivers at startup and unload them at shutdown
  • Run the shell program (usually Explorer.exe) and re-run the shell if it fails to respond
  • Mediate Plug and Play messages among various parts of the operating system
  • Coordinate automatic responses to Setup programs. This includes checking whether a Setup program has improperly overwritten Windows files, and optionally restoring the Windows versions of those files
  • Display the initial logon dialog box if networking is enabled
  • Play the system startup and shutdown sounds

Usually these messages appear on shutdown. Here are some more common errors and their causes:

  • MSGSRV32.DLL caused a General Protection Fault in Module CM8330SB.DRV

    You need to visit the C-Media site and upgrade your drivers

    See: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 188803

  • Msgsrv32 not responding

    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 169987

  • MSGSRV32 caused a general protection fault in module CMCODEC.DRV

    This behavior can occur if you have Cmedia drivers loading in the [386Enh] section of the System.ini file.

    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 222629

  • Msgsrv32 Caused a General Protection Fault in User.exe

    This behavior can occur if you have faulty computer hardware or a damaged driver or program, or if your Windows core files are damaged.

    See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 262998