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Disable warning when viewing as Web Page


When you select View > as Web Page in Windows Explorer, and you try to view the contends of your \Windows or \Windows\System folders, you will receive a warning that: Modifying the contents of this folder may cause your programs to stop working correctly. And you will be presented with a Show Files link you'll have to click in order to see the contends of the folder. Here is how to get rid of this annoyance:

  1. Make a copy of the files Desktop.ini and Folder.htt. You can just select the file, and press [Ctrl] + C and [Ctrl] + V in successie. This will place the files Copy of Desktop.ini and Copy of Folder.htt in the folder you are working on. If you ever want to restore this functionality, just rename them back to the original
  2. Now from the View menu (of Windows Explorer) select Customize this Folder
  3. Choose Remove customization and click Next
  4. At the next screen you'll have to choose Next to continue
  5. You'll get a confirmation screen that you have made the changes, but you still have to click Finish, if you press Cancel the changes will not be made