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Troubleshooting Video problems


If your having problems with your Video, first make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics adapter.

In Windows 98, graphics hardware acceleration features can be turned off when system performance indicates incompatibility problems:

  1. In Control Panel, open System, select the Performance tab, and then click Graphics
  2. Drag the slider to change the Hardware acceleration setting, as summarized in the list below. Then click OK

    • The default setting is Full, which turns on all graphics hardware acceleration features available in the display driver
    • The first notch from the right can be set to correct mouse pointer display problems. This setting disables hardware cursor support in the display driver by adding SwCursor=1 to the [Display] section of System.ini
    • The second notch from the right prevents some bit block transfers from being performed on the display card and disables memory-mapped I/O for some display drivers. This setting adds SwCursor=1 and Mmio=0 to the [Display] section of System.ini, and SafeMode=1 to the [Windows] section of Win.ini
    • The last notch from the right (None) can be set to correct problems if your computer frequently stops responding to input, or has other severe problems. This setting adds SafeMode=2 to the [Windows] section of Win.ini, which removes all driver acceleration support and causes Windows 98 to use only the device-independent bitmap (DIB) engine rather than bit block transfers for displaying images