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Office 97 SR-1 / SR-2 Info


If you run the Office 97 SR-1 patch on a Windows 98 computer, the chances are that the patch will NOT update your Office 97 files and you'll get NO direct warning of that failure!

For all the details visit Woody's Office Watch

Microsoft has updated the Office SR-1 Patch, the SR-1 patch is now fully optimized for Windows 98 and earlier operating systems.

The new (International) version can be downloaded from:

Other language versions available at:

The (Updated) Office 97 SR-2 patch is out. For details & download [23 MB], visit the Office Update site.

You will need to have the SR-1 before applying SR-2, see this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 171749 to check if SR-1 is installed on your system.

In some instances the SR-2 patch will not detect that SR-1 is installed. For a work-around see this Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 192816

Information on other language versions.

There's now an Office 97 Version Checker available from Microsoft [121 KB], you can run this first to see if your computer has SR-1 installed and is ready for the SR-2 patch (you need to have the SR-1 patch installed in order to install the SR-2 patch).

The best option is to get the Replacement CD:

To get it call Microsoft Supplemental Parts at 800-370-9272 and order the Office 97 SR-2 Replacement CD. This is the Full Version of Office 97 with the SR-1 and SR-2 fixes included.

Supplemental Parts is the only place you can order the Replacement CD. To get the Replacement CD, you must own a retail version of Office 97 or Office 97 SR-1. OEM customers are being given other instructions to obtain the CD.

You have to give the CD's code number and the Product ID number. If you don't ask specifically for the Office 97 SR-2 Replacement CD you would get the SR-2 Patch.

There is no charge for the Replacement Office 97 SR-2 CD.

Note: The Office 97 SR-2 contains Outlook 97, not Outlook 98. Use Custom Install to insure you do not install it if you only want to use Outlook Express or are running Outlook 98.

UK users can call 0345 00 2000