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Windows does not Automatically Power Down my Computer


If you have a fairly recent computer, chances are that you have the newer ATX power supply (when your power button is of the type that doesn't stay in when you press it, chances are it's an ATX system).

ATX allows Windows to power of the system, so that when you select Start > Shut Down, the system will switch itself off.

For this to work, you need - besides an ATX type power supply - to have Advanced Power Management enabled in your computers BIOS.

Check your motherboard/computer manual on how to enter the BIOS and how to enable APM.

You can also change the behavior of your computers power button in Windows:

  1. Select Control Panel > Power Management
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. You can choose of having Windows go in to Standby mode, or have Windows Shutdown your computer - when you press the power button

If you have Windows 98 Second Edition, see Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Problems.

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