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Make Tool bars from your Folders


You can make any folder on your system into a toolbar:

Just right-click a blank part of the Taskbar, select Toolbars from the context menu, and choose New Toolbar from the menu. Then use the dialog box that appears to select a folder. You can select any folder on your local hard disk or on a network drive, as well as the Desktop, My Computer, Printers, Control Panel, Dial-Up Networking, and Scheduled Tasks folders. Windows creates a toolbar with one icon for every file in the folder you picked.

Make Tool bars from your Folders

Once you have a few Toolbars open, you may find that you are running out of space at the bottom of your screen. No problem. Just grab any toolbar by its handle (the double vertical line at the left end) and drag it to any side of the screen: top, bottom, left, or right. Or if you prefer, drop it in the middle of the screen where it becomes a floating "palette" of tools you can move and re-size to suit your needs.

To save more space, make all Toolbars self-hiding so that they appear only when you bring your mouse near it. Just right-click any toolbar and select Properties > Auto Hide from the menu. If the Auto Hide option is greyed out, first select Always On Top, then select Auto Hide. The toolbar will disappear when you click the desktop or open any other window; it will reappear when you bring your mouse near it.

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