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Setup Command-Line Switches


Windows 98 Setup switches are:

Switch Meaning
/? Provides help for syntax and use of setup command line switches
/C Do not load the SmartDrive disk cache
/D Do not use the existing version of Windows for the early phases of Setup. Use this switch if you have problems starting Setup that might be due to missing or damaged supporting files for Windows
Set the Windows NT Logon Validation domain used by Client for Microsoft Networks to domain _name.
/F Do not look in the local cache for file names. Setup runs a little slower and saves a small amount of memory.
/IA Turn off the "after providers" listed in the [AfterProvider] section of the Setupc.inf file.
/IB Turn off the "before providers" listed in the [BeforeProvider] section of the Setupc.inf file.
/IC Do a clean boot. If this is set and KeepRMDrivers=1 is not in the registry, drivers are commented out from the Config.sys/Autoexec.bat file.
/ID Do not check for the minimum disk space required to install Windows 98.
/IE Skip the Startup Disk screen.

If this switch is used, the Windows\Command\EBD folder is not created.

/IF Do a "fast" setup. Do not notify setupx DOS FindFirst to not look up file names in the cache.
/IG Allows Setup to run on some older Gateway and Micron computers with an early BIOS.
/IH Run ScanDisk in the foreground so that you can see the results. Use this switch if the system stalls during the ScanDisk check or if an error results.
/IL Load the Logitech mouse driver. Use this option if you have a Logitech Series C mouse.
/IM Skip the check for low conventional memory.
/IN Do not call the networking Setup software. Neither the networking software nor the Networking Wizard screens will be used.
/IQ Do not check for cross-linked files.
/IR Do not update the master boot record (MBR).
/IS Do not run ScanDisk.
/IV This switch bypasses displaying the Setup screens during an upgrade within Windows.
/M Bypasses the playing of the Setup sound (.wav) files.
/N This switch causes Setup to run without a mouse.
/NA# This switch bypasses the program check and can use the following values:

#=0 Default.

#=1 No Windows-based program check, but MS-DOS-based program are blocked.

#=2 No MS-DOS-based program check, Windows-based programs are blocked.

#=3 No Windows-based or MS-DOS-based program check.

/ND This switch ignores the presence of a Migration.dll file and is used to force Windows 98 to overwrite newer files.

Note: Files that use the ",,,32" flag in the .inf file still force Windows 98 Setup to keep the newer files.

/NF Do not prompt to remove the floppy disk from drive A at the end of the Copying Windows 98 Files to Your Computer Setup step (step three). Use this switch when installing Windows 98 from a booTABLE compact disc.

  • Same as if there is a file named BOOTCD in the cabinet folder
  • Same as if there is a "BootCD=1" line in the Msbatch.inf file

/NH Do not run Hwinfo.exe when running Setup from the Windows 95 user interface.
/nm Bypass the check for minimum processor (66MHz 486)
/NOSTART Copy a minimal installation of the required dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) used by Windows 98 Setup, then exit to MS-DOS without installing Windows 98.
/NR Skips the registry check.
/NX Do not check the version of Setupx that is running.
/PI Keep forced configured hardware settings (hardware not using default settings). Some BIOS require hardware to have a forced configuration to work. By default, Setup removes the forced configuration and some hardware does not work properly after this is done.


Load Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) by default.

Use settings in the specified script to install Windows 98 automatically; for example, setup msbatch.inf specifies that Setup should use the settings in Msbatch.inf. You must specify the full file name. The setup script file name must be eight characters long with a three-character extension (8.3 file name).

/SRCDIR Specifies the source directory where the Windows 98 Setup files are located.
/S filename Load the specified Setup.inf file when starting setup.
/T:tempdir Specifies the directory where Setup is to copy its temporary files. This directory must already exist, but any existing files in the directory will be deleted.
/U:UPI Specifies the UPI.
/IV Do not display billboards.
/IW Do not display the License Agreement dialog box.
/IX Do not perform a character set check.