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Backup your Data


Back up all data files onto another hard disk or some form of removable media:

  • All your personal data (documents, databases and other files)
  • All your INI files (\Windows\Inf - this is a hidden folder, see Show hidden files (such as Msdos.sys) to see how to show hidden files/folders in Windows Explorer)
  • All your password (PWL) files from your \Windows folder
  • The registry (DAT) files in the \Windows folder
  • Your Program Manager group (GRP) files from your \Windows folder
  • Your Config.sys and Autoexec.bat files from the root (C:\)
  • Any real-mode drivers specified in Config.sys and Autoexec.bat
  • Network configuration files and logon scripts

If for any reason you need to uninstall Windows 98, you can return to your previous Windows 95 installation as long as you backed up the Windows 95 system files during Windows 98 Setup.

To uninstall Windows 98 and return to your previous configuration, the following conditions must be met:

  • Have clicked Yes on the Save System Files? dialog box that appeared when you installed Windows 98. If you clicked Yes, two files containing the saved Windows 95 system files, Winundo.dat and Winundo.ini, were created in the root directory of the partition that you designated during Setup
  • Have not compressed your system or boot partition after installing Windows 98, or any partition in the same physical drive where Winundo.dat is located
  • Have not converted any file systems to FAT32, unless your Windows 95 version is OSR-2 (see How do I determine my Windows 95 version? to determine your Windows 95 version).

Saving your previous system files would require up to 50MB of disk space.