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Windows 98, Multiple display support


All the display adapters used in a computer with multiple-display support must be Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) or Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) devices using multiple-display-enabled display adapter drivers included with Windows 98. Industry Standard Architecture / Extended Industry Standard Architecture (ISA / EISA) display adapters are not supported.

Display adapters with the following chip sets cannot be used as a multiple-display support device:

  • Permedia (this does not include the Permedia NT and Permedia-2 chip sets)

Any combination of the following supported PCI-based display adapters can be used with multiple-monitors. Only display adapters based on the following chip sets work as primary and secondary adapters.

Note #1: Only the PCI adapters listed below are supported as the primary adapter. However, other PCI adapters may work even though they are not supported.

Note #2: You also need to use the specified driver.

These drivers are supported by Microsoft and are included on the Windows 98 CD-ROM:

  • ATI Mach 64 GX (GX, GXD, VT)ATIM64.drv
  • ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI
  • ATI Graphics Xpression
  • ATI WinTurbo
  • ATI Rage I, II, & II+ATI_M64.drv
  • ATI All-In-Wonder
  • ATI 3D Xpression+ PC2TV
  • ATI 3D Xpression
  • ATI 3D Xpression+
  • ATI Rage Pro (AGP & PCI)ATIR3.drv
  • ATI Xpert@Work, 4 & 8 MB
  • ATI Xpert@Play, 4 & 8 MB
  • ATI All-In-Wonder Pro
  • S3 765 (Trio64V+)S3MM.drv

    Note: Only certain updates work. These are 40, 42, 43, 44, 52, 53, & 54. Note that if the card is at one of these updates, then Windows 98 will recognize the card as a Trio 64V+, provided the Microsoft driver is used. If the card is not at one of these updates, then it is recognized as a Trio 32/64. Some OEM drivers don't care which update is present; be sure to note carefully which Microsoft driver Windows 98 selects when you use this card.

  • S3 Trio64V2(DX/GX)S3MM.drv
  • Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001
  • STB PowerGraph 64V+
  • STB MVP 64
  • Miro TwinHead 22SD
  • Hercules Terminator 64/Video
  • Number Nine 9FX Reality 332 (S3 Virge)
  • Number Nine 9FX Reality 334 (S3 Virge GX/2)
  • Number Nine 9FX Reality 772 (S3 Virge VX)
  • California Graphics V2/DX
  • Videologic GraphicsStar 410
  • Cirrus 5436CIRRUSMM.drv
  • Cirrus Alpine
  • Cirrus 5446CIRRUSMM.drv
  • STB Nitro 64V
  • S3 ViRGE S3V.drv
  • (ViRGE (325)
  • ViRGE VX (988)
  • ViRGE DX (385)
  • ViRGE GX (385))
  • Diamond Stealth 3D 2000
  • Diamond Stealth 3D 3000
  • Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro
  • Number Nine 9FX Reality 332
  • STB Nitro 3D
  • STB Powergraph 3D
  • STB Velocity 3D
  • STB MVP/64
  • STB MVP/64 3D
  • STB WorkStation (2 & 4 output)
  • Miro Crystal VR4000
  • ET6000ET6000.drv
  • Hercules Dynamite 128/Video
  • STB Lightspeed 128
  • Compaq Armada S3MM.drv
  • Trident 9685/9680/9682TRID_PCI.DRV /9385/9382/9385
  • Jaton Video - 57P

More information on how to enable Multiple Display Support in Windows 98 can be found in Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 179602.

Note: Normally you don't need to reinstall Windows 98 if you add a graphic card to start using the multiple monitor functionality. There's one exception: if you have a graphic adapter build into your motherboard, chances are that Windows 98 might not detect your on board graphics adapter after adding an additional adapter. In that case you'd have to reinstall Windows 98.

For troubleshooting Multiple Display support, see Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 182930.

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