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Printing Problems


Internet Explorer 5.x seems to generate any number of different printing errors for some people.

If you "suffer" from these kinds of errors, you could try some work-arounds:

  • Save the web page you want to print to your local drive first. Select File > Save As, and in the Save as type: box select Web Archive, single file (*.mht). This will save the web page and all images in one file. Now open the local copy you just saved, and print it.
  • Many Web sites offer printer-friendly versions of their pages. Try printing these instead of the "full version"
  • Select the text you want to print and save it to a *.txt file; print from the text file.

Microsoft has a Knowledge Base Articles with suggestions on Troubleshooting Printing Web Pages in Internet Explorer

Here are a number of other specific Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles dealing with print problems: