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Organize Your Favorites


The interface for organizing your favorites has been drastically redesigned. You start by selecting Favorites > Organize Favorites from the menu.

Organize Your Favorites

Here is a description of what the buttons do:

  • Create Folder: Clicking here is a obvious. This will create a new folder in your favourites. If you've already selected a folder, it will create a sub-folder
  • Rename: This lets you rename any of your folders or a favourite
  • Move to Folder: This lets you move selected items to an other folder
  • Delete: This will either let you delete a whole folder, or simply delete a single favourite, depending on your selection

When you select a favorite, you will see a new option on the left - Make available offline

Make available offline

This will make Internet Explorer 5 download all of your favourites that you have selected to make sure you have the most up-to date information available to you (for offline reading). If you select the Make available offline box, you'll see a button (called Properties) which lets you customize the connection, schedule frequency & time and the amount of data to download.

Occasionally, when you click Organize Favorites on the Favorites menu in Internet Explorer, you may receive the following error message:

  • 	An error has occurred in this dialog
    	Error: 373 No such interface supported.

This behavior can occur if there is an incorrect version of the Jscript.dll file in the \Windows\System folder.

To resolve this issue, rename the Jscript.dll file and extract a new copy of this file to the \Windows\System folder, by following this instructions:

  1. Restart the computer in Safe mode by holding down the CTRL key as the computer starts, and then selecting Safe mode command prompt only
  2. Move to the \Windows\System folder by typing the following command:

    cd \windows\system

  3. Rename the Jscript.dll file to Jscript.old. To rename the file, type the following command:

    ren jscript.dll jscript.old

  4. Restart the computer in Normal mode
  5. Extract a new copy of the Jscript.dll file to the \Windows\System folder. For information about how to extract a file, click Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 129605.