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Windows 98 Backup


Windows 98 Backup adds support for parallel, IDE/ATAPI, and SCSI devices. Devices supported include:

  • QIC-80, QIC-80 Wide, QIC-3010, QIC-3010 Wide, QIC-3020, QIC-3020 Wide
  • TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4
  • DAT (DDS1, 2, " 3)
  • DC 6000
  • 8mm tapes
  • Removable media (floppy disks, Jaz disks, or SyQuest cartridges)
  • Drives by Conner, Exabyte, HP/Colorado, Iomega, Micro Solutions, Seagate, Tandberg, WangDAT, and Wangtek.

Note: QIC-40 backup devices are no longer supported by Backup in Windows 98.

In addition, Windows 98 Backup supports backups to local, removable, and network drives.

One big disadvantage of the new backup is that it cannot run unattended. So you won't be able to run your backups at night using the Task Scheduler - like you could do with Windows 95 backup and System Agent.

Just in case you want to read this info from Microsoft, see Microsoft's Knowledge Base Article No. 184756

Now if you have Backup Exec 2.x for Win95, you can just download a small file from Seagate [47KB], that will make it possible to use it with Windows 98 Task Scheduler:

  1. Open Task Scheduler and double click on Add Scheduled task
  2. When the Wizard comes up click Next
  3. On the next screen, click Browse
  4. Depending on your install path find the program called bestart (bestart.exe) - default should be in \ Program Files \ Seagate software \ backup exec \ system \
  5. Select bestart and click on open
  6. Choose the appropriate scheduling
  7. Accept the name for the task or change it, then click next
  8. Choose the time you want it to run and click next
  9. Check the box Open Advanced Properties... and click Next
  10. Click on the Settings button under the run command line. In the next dialog box type the name of the job you want to run. Backup Exec has two default options Automatic Full Backup and Automatic Differential Backup
  11. Click Okay (twice)

Your unattended backup job is ready to run through Task Scheduler.

Backup is not installed by default in Windows 98. If Backup was installed in Windows 95 before you upgraded to Windows 98, Backup is upgraded to the Windows 98 version.

To manually install Backup:

  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs
  2. Select the Windows Setup tab, double-click System Tools
  3. Click the Backup check box to select it, click OK (twice) to install

System Requirements

To use Backup, your computer must have a hard disk with a minimum of 4.9MB free disk space.