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• February 16, 2005 •

Microsoft: Windows AntiSpyware to Remain Free

Windows AntiSpyware When Microsoft launched the first Beta last month of Windows AntiSpyware, one question that remained unanswered was if Microsoft would ask users to buy Microsoft AntiSpyware, or if it would remain a free product.

Yesterday, in his Keynote speech at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates answered that question, announcing that the final Windows AntiSpyware software would be available at no additional charge to licensed Windows customers. For business customers, with more complex infrastructure support, management and deployment needs, Microsoft plans a managed anti-spyware solution that will be available as part of a paid solution.

"Customers are concerned about the risk malware poses to their personal information, and frustrated by its impact on the reliability and performance of their computers," Gates said. "We are responding by making security easier and more cost-effective for Windows customers, helping to protect millions of people who are vulnerable today."

Microsoft also announced that users have downloaded more than 6 million copies of Windows AntiSpyware since it became available January 6, 2005.

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