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Windows XP

Microsoft Publishes Various Windows XP Themes

Microsoft have published a number of Themes for Windows XP users. These themes include desktop background images, Windows event sounds, Icons, cursors and screen savers. Here's the list of published themes:

Microsoft Zune Desktop theme (1.64 MB)

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft Ree Ree Khao Sarn desktop theme

Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival (Available in English & Portuguese (Brazil))

Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival Olinda   Brazilian Carnival Rio de Janeiro   Brazilian Carnival Salvador

Microsoft Windows Theme Nunavut (Available in English & French)

Nunavut Nature Animals

Nunavut Local Feel   Nunavut Historical Monuments   Nunavut Nature

Microsoft Windows Theme Ontario (Available in English & French)

Ontario Nature Animals

Ontario Historical Monuments   Ontario Nature

Final Fantasy XI [7.38 MB]

Final Fantasy XI

San Fermín desktop theme (Available in Basque, English and Spanish)

San Fermín

Microsoft Egypt Nile Theme [6.28 MB]

Egypt Nile Theme

Microsoft Nature Theme 1 Animal (1.63 MB, also available in French)

Microsoft Nature Theme 1 Animal

Microsoft Nature Theme 2 (1 MB, also available in French)

Microsoft Nature Theme 2

Microsoft Quebec Theme (1.21 MB)

Microsoft Quebec Theme

Microsoft 4 Patas (Available in English & Portuguese (Brazil))

Microsoft 4 Patas
There are 4 different backgrounds included: Cocker, Boxer, Golden & Weimaraner

Brazilian Beaches (Available in English & Portuguese (Brazil))

Brazilian Beaches
There are 4 different backgrounds with images of the following beaches included: Buzios, Florianopolis, Jericoacoare & Noronha

Microsoft Historical Monuments (1.38 MB)

Microsoft Historical Monuments

ChristmasTheme 2004 (Available in English & German)

Christmas Theme 2004