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Windows XP Upgrade Advisor

By: Arie Slob

Windows XP Microsoft posted their Windows XP Upgrade Advisor tool for download on their Web site. The Upgrade Advisor is a tool that checks your system hardware and software to see if it is ready for upgrade to Windows XP. If you run Upgrade Advisor while you are connected to the Internet, and if your system needs updates that are available on the Windows Update Web site, Upgrade Advisor will find and install the updates for you.

You can use the Upgrade Advisor as long as your current Windows version is eligible for upgrade to Windows XP. For more information about upgrade eligibility see: Windows XP, which version.... Home or Professional?

The Upgrade Advisor download is large (nearly 32MB), and is recommended only for download over a high-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or cable modem.

The Upgrade Advisor is the same tool that is used to scan your system for compatibility issues before you install Windows XP. For that reason, some of the language in the tool may imply that you are actually installing Windows XP. Also note that at this time the tool is only available for U.S. language versions of Windows. According to Microsoft, International sites may be offering Upgrade Advisor in the future, so check with your local language Microsoft site for availability.

Download the Upgrade Advisor

Windows XP Upgrade Advisor