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Microsoft Releases New TweakUI 2.10 for Windows XP and Server 2003

By: Arie Slob

• July 17, 2003 •

TweakUI 2.10 Microsoft has released a new version of TweakUI for Windows XP and Server 2003. TweakUI, one of Microsoft's Windows XP Powertoys has been updated to build (The previous version was There are some noticeable improvements in this release, I have a summary below.

Windows Server 2003 compatibility support has also been implemented, as well as reducing the file size of the installer by 417 KB.

New In TweakUI

  • General:
    • Optimize Hard Disk when idle - allows Windows to rearrange files on the hard disk to improve performance when the disk is not in use.
    • Alt+Tab - control the size of the window that appears when you press Alt+Tab.
  • Explorer:
    • Show "Encrypt" on context menu - will add to option to encrypt/decrypt file(s)/folder(s) to the right-click menu.
    • Use intuitive filename sorting - when enabled, Explorer will sort files so that, for example, File 5 comes before File 10. Disabled, Explorer will use literal sorting, in which case File 10 will come before File 5, because 1 comes before 5 (literal sorting used to be Windows default behaviour before Windows XP).
    • Use Tab to navigate AutoComplete - when enabled, you can use the Tab key to move focus to the next item in an AutoComplete list, when such a list is displayed.
    • Customizations - explorer remembers only a limited number of folder customizations, you can increase that number.
    • Slide Show - here you can set the time each picture will remain on the screen when you play a slide show in Windows Picture and Fax viewer.
  • Common Dialogs:
    • Enable AutoComplete - enable/disable AutoComplete in the "File name" edit box.
  • Taskbar and Start menu:
    • Show name on Start menu - remove or show your name at the top of the Start menu.
    • Show taskbar notification icons - here you can hide all notification icons on the taskbar.
  • My Computer:
    • Drives - show/hide drives in Explorer
    • Special Folders - relocate special Explorer folders (such as CD Burning, My Documents).
    • AutoPlay - customize AutoPlay options for drives, types, and choose/edit the "handler".
    • Drive Letters * - select how drive letters should appear in My Computer.
  • Internet Explorer:
    • Autocorrect backslashes to slashes - typing http:\\ will be corrected to http:// when enabled.
    • Include path search in address bar - when you type a string into the Address bar, the local system will also be searched for it.
    • Small Animation and Large Animation - lets you change the spinning animation in Internet Explorer.
    • Image Toolbar - set the minimum size an image has to be before the image toolbar will appear.
  • Logon:
    • Keep RAS connections after logoff - keep active RAS connections active when logging off.
    • Screen Saver - allows you to set a "grace period", which is the time that the screen saver will not prompt you for a password when dismissed.
  • Access Control:
    • Control various aspects of access permissions across the system and network.

* this Drive Letters section is mixed up as follows:

  • Show all drive letters before the label is in fact Show network drive letters before the label, and show local drive letters after the label
  • Show network drive letters before the label, and show local drive letters after the label is in fact Never show drive letters
  • Never show drive letters is in fact Show all drive letters before the label

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 1 and higher)
  • Windows Server 2003


  • TweakUI will only work with US-English regional settings.
  • TweakUI is not supported by Microsoft


Note: If you have the old TweakUI installed, you must uninstall it before installing the new one.

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