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• April 21, 2003 •

Microsoft Announces FREE Windows XP Creativity Fun Packs

By: Arie Slob

Windows XP Creativity Fun PacksThis weekend, Microsoft alerted me to the pending release of four new Fun Packs for Windows XP. These special spring-themed Fun Packs are loaded with great extras that can help you to be even more creative while enjoying the built-in digital media and communications capabilities available in Windows XP.

The fun packs contain the following extras for:

  • Windows Media Player 9 Series
    • A blogging plug-in
    • 3-D Alchemy Visualizations and 3-D Picture Viz with spring-themed backgrounds
  • Windows Movie Maker 2
    • Six new video titles, 3 music tracks, 5 music transitions and 50 sound effects
  • Digital Photography and Web Browsing with Windows XP
    • 15 new greeting card templates for those special springtime occasions including Mother's Day, Father's Day, Weddings and graduation.
    • Five new title slides for Photo Story, a feature included in Plus! Digital Media Edition - a digital media enhancement pack for Windows XP.
    • Over 70 Favorites that connect users to a broad range of websites containing useful information for springtime and beyond. These sites can help you to find the perfect gift for Mothers' Day, buy a digital camera, plan a hike, start a garden, get a start on baseball season and much more!
  • Windows XP Power Toys
    • A Video Screen Saver Power Toy allowing you to play any Windows Media Video file as your Windows XP Screensaver.
    • Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer Power Toy.

The new Fun Packs, as well as some recently updated how-to articles about using Windows XPs digital media and communications features, will be available Tuesday from the Microsoft Windows XP Experiences Web site, or get the individual packs:

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