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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The purpose of this FAQ is to list some answers to simple questions (not meaning that the question is simple, but rather the answer is!), that don't deserve a tip or "how to" page.

If you have a question that isn't addressed here, or in any other document on the Windows XP site, post your question in our Windows XP Support forum.

Q: Can I do a clean install with the upgrade version?
A: Yes you can. See my Installing and Setup Guide for more details.

Q: I got a preview version (RC1/RC2), can I install the final version on top of that?
A: Microsoft's official stance is that you can't. While I will say that you probably can, this doesn't mean that you should! Use the File and Settings Transfer Wizard to save your files & settings and bite the bullet! A clean install gives the least chances of future problems.

Q: Does Windows XP supports multiple processors?
A: Windows XP Home Edition does not. The Professional version supports a maximum of two processors.

Q: Can I use different screen resolutions for different users?
A: No you can't. Not without 3rd party tools or drivers. The screen resolution is a "per-machine" setting in the Windows XP registry.

Q: Is there a "Personal Web Server" type of software included in Windows XP?
A: XP Professional has IIS 5.1, although you need to install it separately. XP Home Edition does not include any type of "Personal Web Server".

Q: Did Windows XP delete all my documents?
A: Probably not. Try looking in C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\My Documents where %USERNAME% is your login name.

Q: Does Windows XP still have the system resource bottleneck found in previous versions of Windows?
A: No. Windows NT/2000 never had this problem to begin with, and since XP is based on Windows 2000 (that's why Windows 2000 is Windows 5.0 and XP is Windows 5.1) it doesn't have this problem. Read more on System Resources in this HelpWithWindows TechFile I wrote.

Q: Where can I find the tune you hear when you first install XP and it's asking for User Info ect.? I like to hear it again!
A: It is in C:\%WINDIR%\system32\oobe\images\title.wma (Where %WINDIR% would be Windows most of the time, except when you upgrade from Windows NT/2000 it could be WINNT).

Q: Does Windows XP have Internet Connection Sharing?
A: Yes. Both the Windows XP Home Edition & Professional include Internet Connection Sharing.

Q: Why can't other users see newly installed programs? I installed them using the Admin. account, but even if I give the other users Admin. rights, they can't see the programs?
A: A lot of programs use installation routines that are not "Multi-User aware". Here lies the problem. Try placing a shortcut to the program in the All Users account (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs) this should make the program available to all users.

Q: I have told Windows XP to remember my dial-up password, but everytime I want to dial, I notice that XP seems to add more characters to my password, so I have to retype it. How can I fix this?
A: Windows XP doesn't add any characters. It does however adds ***** to make up a fixed number of them (15). This is to make it harder for anybody looking over your shoulder to discover how many characters your password is (which is the first step to start guessing your password).

Q: I can't find the option to use Personalized menu's in the new XP start menu, where are they?
A: Believe it or not, Personalized menu's are not available in the new Windows XP Start menu. You can have them when you use the Classic style menu though...

Q: Does Windows XP have Netmeeting?
A: Yes. You can start Netmeeting by typing conf.exe in the Run command, or placing a shortcut to \Program Files\Netmeeting\Conf.exe on your Desktop or Quick Launch menu.

Q: How do I change the Start button?
A: Without seriously hacking some files, or using 3rd party software you can't.

Q: Where can I find Scan Disk?
A: Scan Disk isn't available in Windows XP. In XP there's Check Disk, which can be run from the command line (chkdsk), or by right clicking a drive in Windows Explorer and choosing Properties > Tools > Error-checking.

Q: Do you know of a Windows Xp Easter-Egg?
A: Nope. There shouldn't be any. The US government will not buy software with "undocumented features", and thus Easter-Eggs were banned!